Icehouse: Sliders, 1

Can’t wait to skate

Icehouse is Melbourne’s newest ice sports and entertainment facility and is the largest in the Southern Hemisphere. The challenge was to market ice sports in a market where there was no ice-sport culture. Traffic created a brand identity for Icehouse that communicated the essential ingredients of this iconic venue – great fun and world-class entertainment. The identity was applied from the building interior and exterior right through to advertising collateral, including the ‘Can’t wait to skate’ campaign which ran in the lead up to the grand opening. The campaign was a huge success, with more than 20,000 visitors in the first 2 weeks of operation.

Advertising Agency: Traffic, Melbourne/Sydney, Australia
Creative Director: Andrew Begg
Art Director / Copywriter: Chris Shurey
Photographer: Louis Petruccelli
Retouching: Louis Petruccelli

April 2016


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Poor idea, nice photo.

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TommyO's picture
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My thought exactly. While I used to "skate" on the floor like that when I was in high school, it's not a good idea as a visual for the ad.

luispiter's picture
2756 pencils

what is the idea??

shahidali's picture
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Like it. Can identify.


jackblack's picture
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No. Not good. Sorry.

dean viii's picture
dean viii
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excuse me, I just threw up in my mouth.

kleenex's picture
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I feel like this is an injury waiting to happen.

AdBuzzer's picture
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It's dull and certainly doesn't make anybody want to skate in that fabulous new facility.

dadada's picture
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Why the ice in the visual? such it is, it communicate two ideas (wich isn't good for the ad) it communicate the ice sport facility and the "can't wait to skate", in short : the idea is little bit confusing in my opinion.

Everybody is creative, be yourself.

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