Ibu I love you

The heart icon in I 'love' U also reads as the letter 'B' which in the Indonesian Bahasa language spells 'IBU' which means mother. The ad is dedicated for Indonesian mother's day.

Sr Art Director: J.Elias Marendra

Advertising Agency: Dentsu Indonesia, Jakarta
Creative Director: Rachmad Widro
Sr Copywriter: S Banu Ardi
Account Manager: Eka Nidhi Satria
Sr Account Executive: Dwi Rahayu

April 2007


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OK, I get the IBU, I "LOVE" U bit, but apart from conveying the Mother's Day message, how does it communicate the brand's essence, benefit or values? Would it work if you put the same icon on another car? I think so. Good try, but there's little going for the ad apart from the IBU gimmick.

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The essence, value and benefit, for sure they forgot. But don't forget to pay attention to the segmented data and the contributing motivational archaize factor. You've also got to pay attention to the mood essence and pms deviation theorem before creating content such as this. And did they not indulge in the fine content of "Ogilvy on advertising"? Reverse type for the logo and pay off! Statistically there's only a 28.65% likelihood of a consumer reading that. Good call spiderbear, good call.

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It might work if you put it in another car, but Toyota used it. So they get the credits. They care about love, and about mothers. They communicate specifically for them in 'their' day. It's a kind of I Love Toyota, and i love my mother as well. Toyota loves mothers, so mothers should love Toyota. :P

I think it's appealing.


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Its clever thinking and I like it, but somehow the vapored words appear a little "cheap", and i
think maybe thats why "any other car could have used it".

If the particular car in the shoot was a family car, would be good, with an accompanying copy that
around mother and family.

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It doesn't need anything else.
I think, it's quite nice and gets the message accross

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It's a nice little PSA for Mother's Day in India. I can't imagine the intention was to sell more cars here. I think it was just to put out some nice feel good PR for the company.

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Advertising Pawn
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I tend to agree. And for what it is, it's cute enough.



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the steamed up windows send my mind somewhere else. like happy milf day.

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1 Nigga
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So when you get mugged in Indonessia, niggas go like: Gimme tha wallet, Ibufucka!!!

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Word to your Ibu

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trus mobilnya gak berembun juga?

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