IBIS Hotel: Fire engine

We now have all the rooms upgraded to the Sound-proof.

Advertising Agency: Shanghai Advertising limited
Creative Director: Gang Wang
Art Director: Eric Sun, Hao Yu
Copywriter: Gang Wang
Photographer: Michael Teo
Other additional credits: Abby Xu
Published: November 2008


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Very chocolate.

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dint understand/.........please explain.....because the rooms are soundproof,the fire engine is shooting light instead of alarm?

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it think it's something like code language, like morse or something, the one whit the dog, i think its a sign language used by scouts, am i wrong?


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Soundproof's so efective u won't notice any sound, so they'll have to use other ways to communicate.

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great, so we'll burn to death bcz we can't hear the sirens? great reason to stay with this hotel...

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your comment has more concept than the campaign.

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Does not work as good as the others do. its almost morbid. the dog one was at least cute this one is going hey its soundproof you'll never hear the firefighter trying to save your life. have a nice death!

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Soundproof doesn't stop light from shining in the windows.

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great idea

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petty trick

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