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haha, funny. I imagine a nature doumentary; open on a field of grass, in slow mo. something starts to appear over the hill..... sunlight bouncing off the door jams....

... its already been done...

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i don't hate it. but i don't love it either. it's not all that strong as a one shot.

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Pretty funny visual, but the copy, why " so you can get your dog back" ?

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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It's a little off isn't it?
I know what they're TRYING to say, but it doesn't quite mesh with the rest of the ad...

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The italian patient
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it looks like one of the 1000 pepsi light ad.

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Me thinks it's funny.

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very good work. The art directing is excellent. This is one of few good advertisings that works to me. I would buy that product for my dog if I have any. Good advertianment, good solving problem ad. the door told me what kind of cultre and class of socitey are meant to buy this ad, same for the dog.
one thing I would just make the "30%" more clear in reading.

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not that funny not that original seen this a couple of times grey south africa copied it last year sory lads

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Dick Huges
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...so you can get your door back.

stick to starburst, boys, that is some funny stuff.

—here's a little lad who loves berries and cream.

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Reminds of this huge old Beagle I saw years ago... chained to a verandah post...
came running after me... then proceded to run off with it dragging behind him! ;D

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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This guys are good for them this is a very bad ad....from other agency this will justs be cute/mediocre/averege.Thats my opinion.

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hahahahahaaha, very funny, already seen but funny...

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slightly humerous

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