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DONE. The end.

pinkusfloydus's picture
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It's getting really boring to see dog food ads with the same idea again and again and again and...

Rog's picture
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Play dead, boy.

That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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I like this, even though it is shit.

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Done for cat food by McCann Croatia. That one works even better with the cat acting as a rescue dog.
Rly old idea anyway...

"Sex sells. Truth even better." - A friend

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hahaha cool. like it!

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Well to a group of lauded and multi-award winning superior creatives like our selves ... clearly this series is full failings .... but to the consumer ... it's great.

While we're here, I'm getting the feeling that there is some really ground breaking original creative on this site ... could someone point me in that direction? I'd love to see these totally uninfluenced, original never-before-seen ideas that clearly must be being done.

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I completely agree with you. People here have such an easy time bashing the ads for no rational reason. Not that I find this campaign great but I do believe that it would be far better if besides saying something isn´t good people would give some reasoning to their complaints.

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Yea agreed, or here's a crazy thought .... if this site is meant to be truly constructive .... what's good about these ads, as well as perhaps where they fall short. Seen it before isn't enough. It's just the mantra of the "Need to be heards". Be wise about your comments offer solutions to the problems. Just a thought.

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It's tough to do a good dogfood campaign after the ones made by the recent TBWA Paris when dogs have a difficult life and also the not so recent one from ALMAP BBDO where dogs look like their owners

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This is very weird, a colleague of mine was working on the exact same idea last week (the visual is exactly the same as well) so he sendt it to a friend at Publicis Paris to get his point of view. Probably just a coincidence, but is there a way of finding out where this ad is from and when it came out ?

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