I Vow: Grow up, 2

Get World-Ready

The concept of the ad focuses on communication for pre-teen wear. The campaign was launched for this age group. The positioning statement on which the campaign centers around is ‘Grow Up’ and our communication line is ‘Get world-ready’. The campaign recognizes the differentiating characteristic facts of this age group and speaks of the attitude and élan of this bracket. This is the age where halos and fairy wings are shed and realities of adult hood emerge. This is the focus of our campaign.

Advertising Agency: Black Sheep, Bangalore, India
Creative Director: Ravi and KT
Photographer: Senthil Kumar
Published: September 2009


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i didnt get it. Please someone explain it for me.

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angels no more. grown up kids. i like it.

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1929 pencils

Just read the text bellow picture.



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if you have to read the "ad of the world" text to understand a print ad - I'm thinking that's not really effective print advertising.

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Nope. Poor execution of an idea. Become "real world read"? Pre-teen wear, got to do better than that. Look forward to better ads out of India.
- Ninja Monkey

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Azharulla shariff
5 pencils


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Shouldn't you guys use indian models?

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