i102-104FM: Culture Club

Culture Club The Village People
Great Music back to back.
iRadio 102-104FM

When you play great music back to back someone's going to get hurt.

Advertising Agency: bloom, Dublin, Ireland
Creative Director: David Quinn
Art Director: Fred Mangan
Copywriter: Bobby B
Photographer: David Cantwell

December 2009


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Incredibly confusing.

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This ad is upsetting and pointless. It tells me nothing about the product and I would be surprised if one person was induced to listen to this station from this ad. A very poor investment of the clients money in my opinion.

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You people aren't getting it, these are funny. I don't live in Ireland but I can tell what kind of station it is and I'm sure it hits the target just right.

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Jaap Grolleman
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I think it's a bit funny yeah. It don't makes me laught out loud but well. It doesn't have to send a huge message anyway, it's a radio, and they broadcast music of these kinds of bands. They had my attention with these crime scenes. I looked at the logo and rememered it, and the name.

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I think the point is that this station doesn't broadcast music of these kind of bands. That's why you see them killed in their ads.

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Sorry I'm not from the place of the release... does that radio station playing death metal o_0

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Marlus Lau
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Yeah it's cool...don't know if it can put them [iRadio] into trouble but..is nice.

True, though.

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impactant. no conec l'emisora però si no és trutxo, enhorabona David per haver venut aquesta creativitat al client.

Pau Marquès
(+34) 670 36 79 83

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Impactante. Diferente. Sólo creo qu eno era necesario poner todos los sombreros, con un par de ellos se entiende la idea.
Different. I just think is not neccesary show all hats. Idea is clear with a couple of them.

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"Bright ideas bring better results"

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For an ad targeting new or existing listeners to a radio station, there are only two questions that matter:

1. Will the campaign attract more listeners?

2. Will the campaign strengthen the bond between the radio station and its existing listener base?

Lack of clarity is the death of any advertising campaign. When I first saw this ad, the juxtaposition of "Culture Club" and "The Village People" with those bloody images instantly communicated to me that iRadio hates that kind of music and that the bodies represent members of those two musical groups.

Then, upon reflection, I concluded the ad was trying to communicate the opposite: That that's the kind of music iRadio plays.

Then I looked at the ad a third time, noticed the headdress alongside an apparently headless body, and realized my original reaction probably was correct: The message of this ad is, "This radio station doesn't play that kind of music."

If the goal of the campaign is to strengthen the bond between the radio station and its existing listener base, it might well succeed. If the station has valid research informing them that their core audience — their "P1s" — abhor Culture Club and The Village People, the image that shocks — and no doubt offends — others might indeed appeal to the targeted radio listener.

But if it's to attract new listeners, here's a clue to the strategists behind this campaign: You don't attract listeners to a radio station by telling the world what you DON'T play.

iRadio doesn't play Culture Club or The Village People? Neither does any country music station, classical music station, New Rock station, Christian music station, jazz station, Schlager music station, polka station — Well, the list of stations that DO play those two musical groups is far shorter than the list of the ones that don't.

An ad that tells people what kind of music a radio station doesn't play is like a restaurant with a huge sign on its roof that declares, "We don't serve any of these foods. Come on in!" People don't patronize a restaurant based upon what it doesn't serve. What attracts diners is the food the restaurant DOES serve.

This particular ad lacks both clarity and a viable strategy.

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I think you're right, but it still depends on the radio market they have in Ireland. I see you're from the US, and I know you have plenty of excellent, dedicated radio stations (the ones you mentioned: country, jazz, classical stations, etc). Here in Italy, for example, almost every station plays the same mainstream music, with a very few exception (I'm talking about 3, 4 stations) that try to offer something different. This is to say that, in some cases, it could be enough to say what kind of music you don't play.

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I agree.
It only can work for the ones who already listen to it.


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sandhya rao
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agree with the upper critical one....the ad is funny to some, scary to some, irritating to some but delightful to none!

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I like this. It is clever, funny, and it tells you a little about the radio station and the kind of music it plays.

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