Hyundai: New Genesis

So on the seventh day he rested to take a ride. Genesis V6 3.8 - Hyundai. Go further.

It seems that this bible passage was meant to be for the name of this car.

Advertising Agency: TBWA Dominicana, Santo Domingo Dominican Republic
Creative Director: Katy Capriles
Art Director: Alejandro Capellán
Copywriter: Fernando Muñoz

March 2010


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wow.... very nice... i like it... congratulation

Blashyrkh's picture
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Mercedes shadows in this car

Adaddicted's picture
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Hyundai and KIA (Opirus) have been ripping their design for ages...


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simple lovely!

Prime83's picture
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Eso Dominicana!!

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pretty much a mercedes thou!

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Krik Krak Krow
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art direction is like VW ads from the 50s and 60s... which is a good thing

dthlb72's picture
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Bad. twisted.

Maddy's picture
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i like the whole idea of linking it to the Bible Verse ...!!!!

whatthefudge's picture
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Considering the given name, the bible connection is obvious. But the layout feels a bit too "less is more".

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On which day has God invented it?

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tamer samy
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I think if you were talking to religious people then you screwed it up, because it is a kind of insulting their God !! and if you were talking to people who don't believe they will not understand what you are talking about, so in both situations the message is not well delivered !!

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Well, less is more.

Dont know this idea is good or not, maybe just fit its local market.

I think its style's bit like those Audi ads released in UK.

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The whole idea is just an observation on the name of the car, linked to the form of writing down bible verses, with the book, the versicle and number. It is just a hook guys, print by it self doesn't sell a car. Hope you like it.


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I think it's cool

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