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September 2013

Print advertisment created by Y&R, Colombia for Hyundai, within the category: Automotive.

New Hyundai i40. Vehicles with luxury cushions.

Advertising Agency: Y&R, Bogotá, Colombia
Chief Creative Officer: Mauricio Rocha
Executive Creative Officers: Tito Chamorro, Juan Alvarado
Creative Directors: Germán Zúñiga, Diego Suárez
Art Directors: Henry Neira, Diego Suárez
Copywriter: Jairo Rubiano
Account managers: Carlos Garcés, Lina SIerra
Producers: Mulato Films
Photographer: Rafael Piñeros

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tirthomitro's picture
Activity Score 2758

cushions are to humans as socks are to animals??!!!!!

they showed me a picture & i laughed
dignity has never been photographed

Saand's picture
Activity Score 150

You missed the obvious, socks will prevent nails from scratching the cushions. Interesting insight!

kkrr's picture
Activity Score 2

not "obvious" at all, so thanks for explaining, Saand. the team tried too hard--if the ad's about the seats, then the dog in socks should have been photographed sitting on the seats.

danielchapman's picture
Activity Score 292

While I agree with you that it isn't obvious... your statement about how to 'fix' the ad makes me cringe. I'm not defending the ad, as I don't really love it personally, but they atleast avoided the linear first level thought that you arrived at with your suggestion. Beyond that, obvious isn't always the goal. It's a fine delicate dance of engagement and intelligence. You respect your audience and they will reciprocate. Spoon feeding them 'obvious' creative is usually as appetizing as the porridge you have in the spoon.

In short... having the socks on the dog, ON the car seat makes the idea worse than it currently stands. It's ok though, I don't resent the fact that you can't solve a campaign in 30 seconds. I only resent that you think you can.

Bill Me Now's picture
Bill Me Now
Activity Score 180

A less "luxurious" sock may have helped with the dog/sock:car/cushion correlation. Ditch the argyle for a standard, semi-saggy white tube sock