Hyundai: 2010 FIFA World Cup Sponsorship, Perfect

Think about it.
There is no perfect ball. No perfect foot. No perfect shoe. No perfect coaching. No perfect training. No perfect field. No perfect climate. And, often, no perfect day. There is only the idea of perfect. The vision to imagine it. And the desire to achieve it. At Hyundai, we salute the players and teams that made it to this year's World Cup. And those on their way to the next.
Official partner of the 2010 Fifa World Cup.

Advertising Agency: Innocean, USA
Executive Creative Director: Jeff Spiegel
Creative Directors: Doug James, Robert Prins
Art Director: Jera Mehrdad
Copywriter: Steve O'Brien
Account Director: Richard Cran
Account Executive: Lara Trapass
Photographer: Nadav Kander
Photographer: Peter Marlow

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nice copy

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The copy is a little to long for me, but I like the art direction. I like the dirty, and far-from-perfect. Nice.

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Phil Lestino
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To err is to be that what they are trying to say?....a pompous set of ads methinks.

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Man, how big is that newspaper you can put this ad into and ppl still can read it?!

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Think about it. We don't make perfect cars, they will fall apart. Hyundai.

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Think about it. We don't make perfect cars, they will fall apart.

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so powerful...and inspiring

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Yeah ! Nice copy, touch the human sides !

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There is no perfection?

Hyundai now is exposed to a hit below-the-belt from another brand that believes in existence of perfection.

No one will read this without to recall: "A guilty conscience needs no accusers."

Some of the above comments are clear examples.

This ad is strategically wrong.


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Well said.

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Very nice Idea and inspired poster :) thank you huyndai

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Luis Maram
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This is confusing... I don´t know if this is social marketing or commercial marketing

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the copy is so very, very good :)

i think claiming perfection by itself is a claiming of a superlative quality, which we try to steer away from. however aspiring for perfection is another thing, but we try not to claim it outright cause that's so 1980s - done to death, et. al.
so, we say, we recognise perfection as an ideal forever beyond our reach - it is the truth - perfection is relative, and dependent on our expectations, and our expectations get higher and higher as we become more sophisticated as consumers.
so, there is nothing wrong in conceding that we are not perfect - but we try to be.
this is a very good ad.

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