Hype: Self-promo, Toothpaste

Don't let your brand become a loser.
Hype - Brand rehab

Advertising Agency: HYPE, Zagreb, Croatia
Creative Director / Copywriter: Tonci Klaric
Art Director: Mislav Vidovic
Illustrator: Sasa Jungic

September 2009


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Me gusta la ambientación. La marca de cierre está muy buena.

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jajaja la marca de cie3rre???jajaja

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huh? it blew its "paste" out... gross

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opposite of u
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poor 3D modelling...already seen...

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The message could be misunderstood reading the label on the door, because LOSER seems signed by Hype and although the advise is "don't become" in reality it was.

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why is the sticker wrinkled? should it represent something or is it there just because someone felt it would be visually attractive? i'm from Sweden, maybe I don't get it...but i like the idea to send brands to rehab..lots of them should do that...Croatia is not an exception, i guess.

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It can be an average 3D modeling, but it's good idea. as far as I am using this site, there is not so many Croatian ads around here, so any work from them is good sign that something is being done there. Never heard for any of their agencies, but let us not be to harsh. Give those people the chance. At the end, we are the same community, aren't we?

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Nice idea.... but yes... not too keen on the visual.

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Dirty but nice :)

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as a brand, i wouldn't like to see myself on the same picture with "failure" and/or "loser".

and of course i wouldn't like to work with an agency sees me like one.

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