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white widow
137 pencils

too much. By the way she has a very ugly ass

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loud very loud
best among the rest
also i like the camera angle.

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great student work. The idea itself is pretty 80's and a common execution for "a lot of power". But A+ for execution. But make the vignette a bit less doninating in the sides - it looks too fake.

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easy tiger
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that's exactly where the problem is ... too much time spent on execution, very little spent on the idea itself. so, i have to disagree when you call it great student work.

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The ass definitely needs work.

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Pour une fois qu'on voit de vraies fesses dans la pub...

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kakofonie's picture
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love pavel's AD - keep it up, boy!

(i like this one the most, even tho, the runner is the most elaborate one)

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