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wtf is this?

roman-schwienbacher.com's picture
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sorry , but do not get it either.
a vodka maybe..

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i think that is the ideea...man are woman hunters...till one age....till the "little devil" :)) not workin...so...he hunts...animals....after he tkaing the viagra ...it will became again woman hunter...
PS: sorry 4 my english

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sorry but the logic is too absurd. Visually contrived.

ivan's picture

I think it means that people who collect trophies are compensating for something else that prevents them feel manly.

Yokel's picture
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Exactly. Got that straight away as well. It's obvious I thought. .... or am I too used to overcompensating <_<

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help me!!!

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this is a too far out idea

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Ok. Beside the concept. Why is it done co crappy?

dragos's picture
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maybe ...he was in the rush...just taking a pill...:D

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with a good execution this would be funny and understandable.
maybe with a greasy little man sitting at his big english walnut desk, with this huuuge wall full of hunting trophies behind him

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yeah, but that would require a shoot, which would require money, which would not be in keeping with the spirit of this ad.

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You are funny. But believe me, Viagara has the money to splash out on a better execution. This is just lazy.

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the complete ad series is targeted around 'compensation' like Ivan said.

The excessive jewels, the soles to make someone look taller, the motorbike, the trophies etcetera. These people are doing the best they can to look more attractive and act tougher than they are. BUT now with Viagra, they do not need to.

...and let the poets cry themselves to sleep. And all their tearfull words would turn back into steam

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dammit! Im no on crack right know, so i cant understand that ad!

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this ad, doenst look agency made


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Actually I think it means the cure transforms you into a horny and savage animal for a time and when the effects wear off, although the animal is still there, it is basically dead until the next pill. Maybe not... I'm just guessing.

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that is likely too deep for this shallow pool of an ad!

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well obviously the meaning isn´t clear so I´d say it doesn´t work.

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Nice new concept.

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Carlos Duty
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"new concept", pf.
es de sabiduría popular eso de compensar con jeeps y motos y etc la carencia de virilidad/falo pequeño.

por ende la idea no es mala, es correcta y al callo, pero lejanamente nueva.
además la ejecución en esta es bastante confusa.
quedaba mejor con fondo blanco y las puras cabezas
y fondo blanco con la pura moto.

y erm, el cierre?, no cierra.

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Pesima direccion de arte, las cabezas tienen una proporcion irreal. ...o hay leones tan pequeños?...

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the art direction really makes it harder to reed.

but its kinda of "dont compensate what you cant do in bed, get viagra"
Since you stop having sex, your manhood is diminished and you start hunting to feel a "real man".

This is the best of the campaing, altough the execution is poor and confuse.

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Now I got the idea (shame it took three of them...) these are quite good. But why mix completely different styles? Besides, this one really looks like a wallpaper...

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yes, i think th man (collector) is compensating his weak sex drive (or whtever)
by hunting animalz to prove his "manhood".
wud hv bn simpler with more supportive copy.

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i think all these activities keeps the man away from wife/girls away for a long time regularly: hunting, cruising n working hard/long hours in office. n that's coz he can't perform. so meet the cure. this one way of looking at it, of course, only the creators can tell what they had in mind.

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Viva La Emily
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It's a very broad concept, it seems people are misconstruing the message you were going for.
However that's not necessarily a negative thing, it means people can interpret in different ways and there's room for imagination.

The image unnerves me though because i passionately disagree with treating animals that way.
Gives me shivers :(

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good good.... could have LOOKED better...


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it means start hunting women, save animals...if thats it...suparb


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what does it really means?

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