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I agree w/Ivan. Hal French disproved that concept. I think these ads have a good approach in that they try to make the museum more meaningful to everyday people by being the solution to very un-highbrow/museumish problems. Buuuuuut... I don't think people will stick with this copy to the end. So, great strategy, great approach, (Great headline grabbers too) but I don't know if these would work.

Hell, I don't know. It's just a guess.

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even as a writer, the thought of reading all that copy was daunting. and when i finally gave in, there was no pay-off. it's just too far of a stretch. when i'm hung over, all i want to do is lay on the couch, drink water, nibble some crackers and hide from the sun. don't tell me to go to a feakin' museum. that's just asinine.

needs shorter stories with a more believable about: The "I'M AN ART VIRGIN" out some great pieces that even someone who knows very little about art (like me) could understand and appreciate. I've always wanted to tour the great art museums of the world, but feel a bit intimidated. A quick Art 101 might actually get me (and other virgins) through the door.

And what about that font?

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I didn't read it, so its bad idea coz its too long

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i didn't read it too, although it won the outdoor Grand Pri

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nopes, this one is too long and too boring for me.

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it is a superior piece of writing, blending a youthful vice with a love and passion for art. this is great stuff - and btw, I'm in the 2001 D&AD for Writing in Advertising.