Humanitarian Lion: CEO Apple

Here are some unusual ads. They should be sent directly to the biggest companies of the world CEO's who are also annual the biggest winners of the Cannes Lions Festival. However, we don’t have the emails of these “big wigs.” Secondly, we believe this email should be passed along to everyone in the industry before it reaches the CEO's. People would find this email so important they’ll send it to others. And third, we believe this is a project everyone should be part of.

June 2009


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It's really not that difficult to learn the name of the CEO of Apple, or Coke, or any of the other companies here; and frankly, this ad is essentially no different from "p3n1s 3nl4gem3nt" spam.

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Yes, it's not difficult to find out the names of the CEO's but sending these to people in the company is a great way to start a movement going. It involves the whole company, and if the CEO's get these forwarded to him it might just convince them to take part.

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And pigs might fly. In fact most if not all these companies are already doing or trying to do more for the world than any fucking adfest ever has. Corporates are actively looking at more socially responsible ways to operate, but these ads offer nothing - no solutions or suggestions. They are just lazy, let's all hold hands bs with tedious go-nowhere copy. The badly punctuated headline and fact the writers haven't bothered to learn the name of the CEOs sums up the whole dismal effort.

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