Humanitarian Lion: CEO Adidas

Here are some unusual ads. They should be sent directly to the biggest companies of the world CEO's who are also annual the biggest winners of the Cannes Lions Festival. However, we don’t have the emails of these “big wigs.” Secondly, we believe this email should be passed along to everyone in the industry before it reaches the CEO's. People would find this email so important they’ll send it to others. And third, we believe this is a project everyone should be part of.

June 2009


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Did you really need to put all of these up?

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Well, it's an archive. And, you can skip the ones you don't care for.

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what the hell is this?

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Good point, intelligent.

and for nasty and guest: PLEASE, READ BEFORE COMMENT.

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what, no letter to the CEOs or what-have-you of award shows who charge a fortune for entry fees despite the economy?

The madman thinks he is sane. I know I am mad. -- Pablo Picasso

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Meera Desikan
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intelligent ads !!

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I really like the thinking behind this.

Well done, guys.

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