Humana: Help, 1

Let your 2nd hand clothes help the 3rd world.

Producer: Leonie v.d. Hoevel

Advertising Agency: LoweDraftFcb, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Art Directors / Copywriters: Maarten Vrouwes, Friso Ludenhoff
Exec Agency Producer: Peter Burger
Director: Ismaël, Pink Rabbit
DOP: Gabor Deak
Post production: Condor
Sound Production: The Alamo Race Track/FC Walvisch
Special Effects: Rob’s Propshop

April 2009


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short shorts
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Looks like a ghost to me.


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tackling the problem from the wrong end!!!!!! cant you see they are wearing cloth why would they need cloth they need pipe lines for water yes food yes education yes but cloth no

The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time

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they're not simply donating clothes to people in third world countries. they sell second-hand clothing people donate to them and the profits go to providing education, food, water, etc. to people in third world countries.

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Great! Then create another campaign to explain everything you explained for us.

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I´m from Argentina, adn here some people live in simillar conditions than those in Africa. I thik people should chouse the clothe they want to wear. I consider this add terrible and ofensive. Why don´t you show it to african "2nd hand" people.

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For anyone to take offense seems pretty odd. People should be able to choose the clothes they wear, sure, in a perfect world. People should also be able to choose what brand bottled water they drink or what flavoured ice-cream they get for dessert.
Clearly, this is not a perfect world.

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Blair Semenoff
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Ya I thought the ad campaign was for helping educate & fund water projects not clothing...

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this is offensive. it's like, you are looking down on the "3rd world" countries.

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yeah, misery is really fun!

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fucking patronizing!!! - especially 'cos the people in the shot watching CAN ACTUALLY pump water better 'n faster than any honky fuckers from the netherlands. and, they're all clothed by themselves! keep your soiled clothes and ads, we don't want 'em!!

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If the clothes are collected to sell and collect money to provide water, education... these ads make perfect sense. But maybe that should be more clear in the bottom line then...

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don't like it

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