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Judges judge

Didn't Central Park made a campaign like this ? I mean natural elements appearin in grpahics ?

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Nope, it was Centre Parcs (holiday parc) that did this two years ago. Agency Ogilvy Amsterdam.

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judges judge

Ahahah, 'f course it was Center Parks....
Central Park....


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Their site has a horrible English translation.
But if their services are creating community groups and helping networking between people who want to offer their skills (as I understood from the english website), what does it have to do with water, and nature in general?

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More economic use of resources, which would lead to a less abused environment? Just guessing.

Not sure if I like these or not: the idea is a little stale (It was far from unique when Centre Parcs did it), and it's just not motivating. You already have to be in that mindset to even care, and I doubt most people will.


Here, let me save everyone the trouble of asking. "Do you even work in advertising?"

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Guest commenter

Cisco Systems?

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devil in a suit

i might sound like a douche but i would have to say regardless of the fact whether or not this technique has been used or not because back in those days u can say that it takes a genius to come up with something totally fresh and new but now it takes a genius and luck.almost everything under the sun has been done.

but this add is excellent i would say.the visual style,the message is coherent with the champaign and also the company's branding

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Mr Apple

This ad is really bad and we've seen it milions and milions times already. Thanks boys, thanks.

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Who told you thisidea was good? cuzit'"snot...not at all....like always

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