Huggies: Poopface, 4

Anytime, anywhere.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Vice President: Anselmo Ramos
Head of Art: Denis Kakazu
Creative Director: Frederico Saldanha
Art Director / Illustrator: Guilherme Nobrega
Copywriter: Claudio Lima
Photographer: Flickr (kid's parents)
Published: April 2009

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i like this. (:

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ahahh the more i look at the pic the more i laugh, hahahahahahaha,m stop it stop it, take it awya from my eyeess, aaaaah, noooooo, hahahahhahahha, stoooop it, hahahahha, ROFL, ur killing me, go away, ahahahahhaha

You Are What You Expect

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Very very nice. Love it. Nice.

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Idea is ok. The layout ok. But..where's the final art?

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Very, very, very, very nice!

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this is not an ad. it's funny picture of a baby with not-relevant logo stuck on it.

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haha, you're such a douche.

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a baby that just shit in his pants. huggies diapers. wait what does relevant mean?

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no, this particular baby just burped.

if you have a baby you should know that.
if you don't... well, what qualifies you to judge this campaign? that's what relevance means.

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i think you're missing the big idea here.. and it's pretty big.. guest FAIL!

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probably. but you're missing what the point of advertising really is. which is even bigger fail.

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I'd call this an epic FAIL. If you have a baby you should also know that no two babies are alike. I should know what he's doing in this photo since I'm the one holding him, and I had to clean up his diaper afterward. He's a funny kid, always made that face whenever he went number 2.

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Grrrrrreat face and thus ad. Very funny and recognizable indeed. Well done!

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Serious kid :)

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they showed me a picture & i laughed
dignity has never been photographed

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Flush the other three executions down the toilet. The others look like they're either sleeping or just farting. A good diaper holds back the torrent of feces that we know will be coming when they make "the face". I know what the face looks like - I have three boys under 4 years old. SInce this photo comes from Flickr, can we assume this was a contest? If not, add some redness to this face, a popping vein, and you have a winner. Actually - if the campaign is "Anytime. Anywhere.", why not show us more of the background? A wedding perhaps? Something to remind us that babies DO poop anytime, anywhere and having Huggies on your kids will let you deal with it without worrying about leaks.

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I believe that more comments on this site should be as helpful and informative as what bubblestheclownfish posted; whether it is guest or registered comments. Kudos to you sir/ma'am. As for my contribution, I have not much more to say since I concur with your post.

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In the category of best comment that actually helps an idea Bubblestheclownfish is our winner. this site is horrible for stupid comments that don't help. good work bubbles. I like this idea with a couple tweaks it can be awesome. good work creatives

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I like this.... the photos and art direction are a little unrefined for my tastes. But the idea is spot on. Clean it up a bit and it will sing.

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Very good. Minimal yet very relevant. Every parent knows that look.

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The baby doing a great job but the diaper could help him?

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Everything is there.

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ok funny and stuff, but: what's the news?

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I think everyone is missing the point with this ad... children are creepy and weird. >)

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that's not an idea,
that`s opportunism, whithout art direction.
every diaper has that benefit (anytime, everywhere)
Tell us something different.

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Disagree. It's not what you say, it's the way that you say it.

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It looks like one of those erase-now-before-you-puke-spam-e-mails I keep on receiving..

.: look for the green giant on the label :.

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Funny guy

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