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I saw this ad three days ago in a magazine and disliked it so much that I remembered to look it up today and find a way to comment on it. I've never done that for an ad before! I"m not a prude, but I am a Mom and IMO The words "crap" and "poop" have no business in an ad. And for a child product, no less! Yes, we all know what it is, but we don't necessarily want to read about it named specifically. It was a major turnoff and all I could remember was "CRAP" and the rest of the ad was invisible to me. Why not say "...the thickest wipes to help protect you AND your precious baby..." If Huggies and Pampers wipes were sitting right next to each other on the shelf for the same price, I am going to remember the stupid visual from this ad. Additionally, Huggies should remember that many families still have values in place regarding no potty humor, so why set that example? Shame on you, Huggies!

OK and here's another point- there are condom ads (thankfully not in our home magazines), but do they say "Hey these are for catching sperms and germs!" It's called discreetly advertising what's good about your product without calling it out.