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What's Hudson's anyway?
Don't get it.
Nice art direction.

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I guess it's a mint-candy or something. Would've been a fantastic campaign (great thought!) - I just miss the hint on the product.

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yeah...hudson's sell candies, they produce the famous hacks, sort of like some mind refreshment candies
nice idea..a new branding to hudson's, cause they used to branded as a "old people brand".
i like the art direction also, just that people might wonder what product is tat, if they can't remember what's hudson's

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Refreshing creative. Lovely art direction. It was like someone pressed the F5 button of my mind.

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they make mints?? so mints clear your throat these days?? does it taste so gross that you start gagging and hacking til your throat is clear? copy isnt workin for me here.

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i agree, the product's missing in this one.
but the art direction is just great.

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sho shweet Art Direction

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