Karaoke on demand

May 2008
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Advertising Agency: Brandon Advertising & Public Relations
Creative Director: Chris Vestal
Associate Creative Director: Jon Leon
Senior Art Director: Colin Mulqueen
Copywriter: Ryan Mulqueen
Illustrator: Bill Green

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i am so cool. i sit in my little creative director office all day ripping off shit from and calling it my own and then writing nasty comments about the shit i stole to make myself feel better. I think i should go blast some emo, sip latte and "think" up some great ideas for the next transient client. hmm, maybe i will hire some over-priced photographer to do an "image" ad.

this may be an homage to some great work from a bygone era, but just because you stole the idea in 2007, not 2008, doesn't mean someone re-stole your idea. the zippo ad is almost illegible. the James Brown version is more appealing, but mostly due to the subject matter. some of the creativity of this piece lies in the application of the concept to the client/product.
this work is original and was done by hand, before whiny, overpaid copy-cats dominated this field.