HSBC: Bird

When you realize, it might be too late.

Advertising Agency: JWT, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Directors: Mario D'Andrea, Fabio Miraglia, Roberto Fernandez
Art Director: Silvio Medeiros
Copywriter: Leandro Pinheiro
Illustrator: Open The Door

December 2009


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This is more clear. Good ilustration.

mapliopl's picture
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I hate art directed translations. What a waste of time. Just put captions below. C'mon people. The clients can't be paying for this...

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Clients pay for this and lot more, agencies account directors should say to creatives "hey, this i will not sell" or maybe this is a creative work of the account director or... maybe this is the client daughter's idea.See ...not easy to say NO.

Simple ideas are the best !

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