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Clever. But you should work harder your book, if you want to find a real job in advertising.

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Not a copywriter, are you?

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Not really English, in fact ;-)

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well done Down Under

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guys don't be so hard, i bet u guys would find it equally challenging to come up with better ideas.

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Ha Ha, funny ways to use a product that you normally would not! HAHA. I have never seen this done with printers though! I wish some one would do this with more products, that would be amusing as well.

(the preceeding message was intended to be sarcastic and cruel.)

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Yaaaah...very nice campaign actually. It's just that..umm it's 3 years late, this trend has already passed.
But, like i said...it's a cool! It's a keeper.

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It doesn't pull me up from my chair but it's ok.

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popdistortion nt evry ad is meant to exite u to death.........

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John Huerbert II
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as an agricuturalist i apreciate aganamanichi's work with photosynthesys. he is a man of upper class and brilliance. when i met him at grampa's country club we ate with silverware and spoke latin about his early exploratories of the inner sole that comes from the spirit of wolves on a cool summer night under a bright full moon. yes...alivederchi como se yama.. mamacitas papas fritas. my wealthy upper classmen.

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A roundhouse kick in your face!

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Lame? Prey tell GrandChamp.

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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I would love to have seen a little more play between the visual and copy.
Although the picture is doing most of the work, the line could have been better crafted. Right now, it's simpy restating what we're seeing in a most pedestrian way imaginable.
This is a trend I see in many student books that get sent to my agency. Copywriting as a form of "art" is being lost or painfully negleted. Even if this piece was in an art director's book, I'd question how he/she would better rewrite the line to make it a little more engaging. We're looking for that complete package in a work.
Here's a reality check for students working on their portfolios. If the work you have in your book consists mostly of "visual only" solution pieces, chances are you will not be considered a prime candidate. (At least where I work here in Manhattan. I won't discuss which agency, although I'm VERY tempted..)
The bottom line is that you will ALWAYS have to write. And write well. Whether you're a CW or an AD. It's a necessary skill when you're in an advertising profession. Period.

Sorry I went off on a tangent there. But I hope it helped someone..

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It helped me

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As you're a copywriter it's not surprising you would say that. Just because the line is straight doesn't make it a bad ad. There's an argument that the imagery is doing the work, visually stimulating the onlooker. Sometimes you just need to hold back on being too clever for your own good. Saying that I understand where you're coming from as copywriting is an art and executions should be pushed to get the best out of them. Maybe they had pushed them and decided against it. So in this case I think your Jet Propulsion copywriting fingers need to learn when to stick and when to go. In other words… 'You don't need to justify your existence all the time'.

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So the ideas simple and similar to dated concepts. Who cares, it's entertaining looks good and communicates well. Good work.

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how does the manager get into his office?


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just a guess here, but....maybe thru the door??

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bad Photoshop!

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