HP: Touchsmart Graffiti Wall

To launch HP Touchsmart PC, a computer with touchscreen technology, the Touchsmart Graffiti Wall was created. Turbo, the most famous graffiti artist in Turkey was responsible for the artwork of the wall, where 3 Touchsmarts were attached. People could draw their own graffitis with their fingertips and submit them to a hotsite. On the hotsite, where it’s also possible to create new artworks, all the participants are competing for a HP Touchsmart PC until the end of this month. The stunt also counted with a press event held in one of the most popular art galleries in Istanbul. More than 100 journalists tried the product and received a t-shirt personalized by Turbo.

Advertising Agency: Torke Boutique Guerrilla, Turkey

April, 2010


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This is...cool :p I was searching for the hotsite and found it. Too bad it's in Turkish only. Nevertheless, great!! Found amazing graffitis there!! www.hpgraffitiwall.com

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If you want to know about this stunt, check the video case and making of at invisiblered.blogspot.com/2010/05/hp-touchsmart-pc-graffiti-wall.html

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