HP: Chaplin

8 GB of classic comedies.

Advertising Agency: Publicis, Gurgaon, India
Creative Director: Emmanuel Upputru
Art Director / Illustrator: Sunny Johnny
Copywriter: Anindya Banerjee
Digital Retoucher: Nishan Singh

August 2008


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Worst campaign in the last 15 pages.

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So it's a drive, a small drive, that is 8 gigs? The imagry is interesting to look at but why do I care about this 8 gig drive?

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It's a clone of a remake of the poster of the amazing comedy-movie "The Great Dictator" of Charlie Chaplin.

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Goa Fest 2009 - Silver.
simple & goooooooooooooooooood work!

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gud I like it ! 5/10


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good concept

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i like it

"selling is advertisment"

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I'm pretty sure I've seen this illustration before.

but nevertheless - it's bad.

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Olly Moss. They've ripped him off.

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This is better! :)

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shee shameless, and these people become famous and win awards, indians are good for one thing, copying

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upputuru fucker atleast you could have tried not to copythe illustration bit by bit as well

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at interviews these fuckers blah blah about one not having enough good ideas in their book, this is a good idea, this emmanuel upputuru is considered great, is this great, copying straight, infact xeroxing another idea straight and they win silver at the stupid scamfest goafest 09

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Damn, too bad about the Weber piece. This is my fave thing in recent memory.

nice :)


I have thousands of pencils and $1.50 so I'm off to Starbucks

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8 Gig USB drive. How shall we advertise?
-Does it look like a small moustache?
Not really, but that is what we will do. Make it the moustache of Chaplin and Hitler. Campaign launch.

Yes, this is good and well for those who have no ideas.

I have seen the hat advertisement with the exact same pictures, only in their ad it makes sense. Here we have the monster, here we have the clown, nothing has changed except the hat. For a USB drive it makes no sense. What has one thing to do with the other? No connection. You can put the movies of Chaplin or Hitler on the USB, yes, but you can do the same with anything, anything at all. By no means is "possible contents of USB stick" limited in scope to this extent -- no one views Chaplin and says "This movie might go on USB, if only sufficient space was available. Why do I not have 8 GB for you, Charlie?"

Right now I will tell you better ads for the same product. First-comers only. Less than five minutes' time.
-contrast size of USB key with many, many books -- even CDs or VHS tapes! -- to show how much space it would be in another medium. Perhaps old photo of ENIAC computer, say "Times 100,000,000", equals this USB. Boring, yes, but better than Hitler.
-place USB key in center of page, very small, surrounded by lively examples of the variety of things people might have on it. Photos, music, movies, all at once, colorful. Alternately, very large USB key, data pouring out. Still boring, yes!
-Asimo is feeding USB to Aibo like dog biscuit.
-Person is cramming boxes of paper documents, huge reams of data, into USB, which sucks it up like Ghostbusters.
-Person on crowded road has clearing around them. Reads, "It's better to have lots of space." Similarily on airplane or bus or subway, could be a deodorant ad. Perhaps lineup outside club. Perhaps a park in a crowded city. It is better to have space - executions write themselves. Traffic jam. Book with words all smashed in. Sure. Go nuts.
- use an octopus. Eight-ball. Figure skater. Do something with the number 8. It's not that much space -- there exist USB keys in larger sizes -- so do something to say that eight is great. Size is not the issue. Make 8 seem like just the right amount.
- pack shot life-size. Marked "Exterior". Much white space. Signs indicating area off of page in all directions, marked "Interior"

Five minutes have expired now. Do not use the above ideas for your next project. You have no time limit.

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i've seen it a million times with the same characters and same art.

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done.. stolen. .the same execution.. nowaaayy

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i liked it...

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Hitler with hat lol xD

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That's Some COPIED Hat, Harry

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shit yaa!!


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I have seen this before, super copycat concept from an European graphic design icon .

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dont't know whether it is copied but like the art.

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