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The ad contain a hell lot of features but if it is targeted to someone who travels a lot, I'm sure they'll love it. 8/10.

Abdul Rahman

Abdul Rahman
Fly Copy

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the concept is stronger than the art direction, it seems very plain to me, they could've made the background colors more vibrant to emphasis the "it's got everything else" phrase...

| everartz |

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Sorry guys but it so like the Hummer H3 ads...

first the H3 that goes under water...

Then the H3 with the virtual gaming...

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This is crap, you can't just make something up about a product and then make the strapline fit around the fact that it doesn't do it.

That's not how it works, the skill is fitting an idea around the features it does have. (I am I really typing that out for you?)

Complete bunk.

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I know what you mean it feels lazy. I suppose it's just a lteral way of saying it's got a lotta features tho. But that doesn't make it a good idea.

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good. it reminds me back to future

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As if there's only one way to work around a product? Such a lame and narrow-minded comment... The fact they deny having this feature makes this ad way better than the mentioned H3 tv ads... they show you something as if it's possible which off course isn't...

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capton john
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good idea, but may be more effective if you add some exhausting effect.

Think, Act, Invent.

Think, Act, Invent.

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