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Activity Score 3647

Solid work for the Parks and Rec. category with a great execution, but doesn't do much for me from a brilliant idea standpoint.

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Activity Score 503

They could have done so much more with that than just a pun, unless I'm not seeing something here.

Fail Harder.

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Activity Score 588

i agree. great photography though.

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Activity Score 588

i agree. great photography, though. i would have done away with the wind up keys and put in a good headline.

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Activity Score 744

very nice artwork... The idea is somewhat flawed in my opinion though... those winding keys are for items that are drained of energy and need to be wound UP... not DOWN.


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Activity Score 86

Normal life can be a bit hectic though. Like you're wound up all the time, rushing here, rushing there. These to me are saying relax, take out your key and Wind down.

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Activity Score 316

I agree with Mike TV. It gets the point across even if it's technical not precise.

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Activity Score 406

me too. it's a good idea n the keys make perfect sense. without them the ads wud have been bland.