It was here that I helped a mother give birth to her child in Angola.
Helping AMI could become part of your life. Become a member of "Friends of AMI" and you will contribute towards improving the living conditions of many people. Decide on the value and regularity of your donation and no matter where you are, you'll always be helping someone in need.

Advertising Agency: Y&R Portugal
Creative Directors: Judite Mota, Pedro Ferreira
Art Director: Joana Faria
Copywriter: José Quintela
Photographer: Kenton Thatcher

November 2007


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you see, this one is not SO bad as the other (the beach), but still... maybe if the copy was stronger... i don't know, the approach is interesting, but if you know the greenpeace ad (desperate housewifes, the whale stuff) you'll know what i mean

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Fairy floss.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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Bundy Agency
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i think the copy could be stronger
ie. it was here i helped a girl become a woman

these are poop

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I'm sure it's just a lost-in-translation problem.
I'm not sure if the concept's fully developed or not, but there's definitely an interesting twist there.

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the approach is not that bad but the execution is terrible
but i'm sure you can find better ideas with this 'concept'
maybe nextime guys
btw: any links to the greepeace ad? i kinda missed that

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there you go:

it's also in the london festival page

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Copy could be tweeked a bit more but your photo does not portray an Angolian environment nor what a building that needed donations to restore. It just looks like a room that needed wallpaper or something. FInd a more drab building with busted windows and skelton walls. Also watch your lighting. Your looking for a 'sad' photo. This has WAY too much lighting for that.

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