Hotwheels: Hands

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy Budapest, Hungary
Creative Director / Copywriter: Gabor Spielmann
Art Director: Bruno Almeida
Photographer: Artluzstudio
Published: January 2008


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54 pencils


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Saatchi Makak
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can someone explain this?

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Hotwheels are powered by your fingers, eight fingers = V8 engine

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I think there is only 6

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The pinkies are covered.

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Maybe in Budapest this is brilliant.

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Where are the other fingers?

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Would be better if the visual wasn't so forced that they had to put 'V6 Engine' on the left there.

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it's a mind blowing job, the creative of this ad first think advance and than more advance. an human mechanical (human's hand) take the mechine to the next level.
good show.

Gabor! salut to your mind

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absolutely indecipherable without the title

... its already been done...

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Leeds United
96 pencils

That´s why they have a title.

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What is the idea?

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I think this is very clever!

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do you think a kid would understand this??? i love the ad, but would a kid feel an uncontrolable need to go run put and buy a hot wheels car because he was shocked by interlocked hands???

don't really think so...

Great creative work anyways

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where are the thumbs is the biggest question here ?

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Ratko is correct .not in the target audience.

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sorry Ratko, earlier comment should go to cesaperaza.

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Disco Munky
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This is a clever idea but it isn't a very inspired visual. Needs more fun in it. This almost looks like a car ad, that might have been the intention but that's maybe not the way to go when talking about kids toys.

"Make a name, or be defamed"

Doin' it for the points

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V7????? I can see another finger in the background.

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Hah, this is cool, but the kids wouldn't understand it..

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Quite a reach...

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The Pope
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This is simple: Done by creatives to be seen by creatives. Absolut Fake, and i also add that it is not good at all.
If you are a cannes jury, you will see it go through.

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so many stupid comments. the ad is simple, clever. hot wheels, powered by your fingers.

someone wrote here that this ad is indecipherable without the title, hahahahahahahahahaha. have you ever heard of a copywriter?

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only to participate in an advertising festival, this wouldn't do to much in the real life for the brand, is a great and fresh approach though

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