Hotwheels Elite Collection: Make Daddy Jealous, Luxe

Hotwheels Elite Collection. Make Daddy Jealous.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Paris, France
Chief Creative Officer: Chris Garbutt
Executive Creative Directors: Cedric Gueret, Kurt Novack
Copywriters: Antoine Gauquelin, Bruno Bicalho Carvalhaes
Art Directors: Bruno Bicalho Carvalhaes, Antoine Gauquelin
Photographer: Roberto Badin
3d Illustrator: Antoine Mairot / La Manufacture
Producer: Mk Studio Paris / La Manufacture
Art Buyer: Jochen Hoops
Account Supervisor: Julien De Beauvoir
Advertiser's Supervisor: Claire Moison
Planner: Ivan Pejcic


talkingisfree's picture
2629 pencils

Good idea, good execution but more of the same. Boring

Brainsugar's picture
1605 pencils

Hey why not 52 eyes? or 78? only three is boring. pffffffffff.......
Cannes scam depress me.

MindDrift's picture
1144 pencils

Some agencies have no clue on what constitutes a campaign. Thankfully there are no red or purple eyes, otherwise Ogilvy wouldn't have stopped at 3.

Troll's picture
630 pencils

Scam brand. Lazy creative.

wave's picture
390 pencils

Scam brand. Lazy creative. Stupid comment

Troll's picture
630 pencils

Thanks for that.

michele123's picture
414 pencils

I like the idea, simple and funny.
But true : we've seen so many Hot Wheels ads ...

Best Ads's picture
Best Ads
30 pencils

Good idea!

kleenex's picture
34103 pencils

I like, but will will sell more cars???

old's picture
90 pencils

Kleenex please. There is life outside of this site. Get to work.

certaintly's picture
4056 pencils

yup, scammy.
idea itself is good. creative. but just too ugly

alex razzaghi's picture
alex razzaghi
243 pencils

Instead of a one off they decided to give us 3.
what is wrong with that? it's a fun cool idea. I don't think it's lazy I think it's smart to be repetitive sometimes.
I have a conceptual campaign that is repetitive and I'm completely okay with it. Sometimes repetition is good LOL :).
That being said yes they could've done a version with fingers coming in the car...
And if I worked there I would've definitely brought that up.
Most importantly I would've loved to have been associated with this campaign and I'm mad i didi not think of it.

msea's picture
139 pencils

I like it! good reminder about hot wheels

fernando aljaro's picture
fernando aljaro
750 pencils

Fernando Aljaro / Creative Director JWT

russo's picture
23 pencils

It´s a good ad, very nice idea! Yes, it could be only one ad.

old's picture
90 pencils

great campaing!

Lecter Lecaros's picture
Lecter Lecaros
564 pencils

Done a million times

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