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very literal, ugly visual

Everybody is creative, be yourself.

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Nice idea...shabbily executed

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if they want to portray a feeling of home the sign should be a for rent sign or for sale rather than a hotel sign.

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Done by students last year. And much better!

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None us these executions say 'home'. A hotel sign doesn't say home, it suggests that I'm out on the street. There should be a 'home sweet home' sign (not that that would make these fantastic or anything) or something that says, 'cozy home', because that's the difference between a house and a home - a cozy feel (I'm sure other people have their own interpretations as to what makes a house a home.), but none of these executions are it.

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wasn't there an idea done like this one earlier that had a headline saying don't let bed-bugs go unckecked. Don't let dustmites go unchecked.. etc.etc.. and the Visual was that of a rug with a city on it. a bed with a city built on it??

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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Very bad execution and presentation of a good thought..

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