Hot Wheels: Sign, 3

Adventure in each detail.

Advertising School: Miami Ad School, São Paulo, Brazil
Art Director: Caio Tezoto
Copywriter: Marcel Pazini

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so explicit

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Blessed Besse
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so very explicit

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the ads for matchbox cars is much better, don't you think?

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I disagree. I think it ad is perfect for children. because it is children who attempt to find other ways to get action or adventure. and the stairs is classic. useful. shows a lot of detail.

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but would children understand this?

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this ad is not for the children is for the parents... think a bit more before write... sorry my english

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Looks like children did the ad.

"Don't shoot the messenger."

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Every Challenge is an opportunity

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Nice Concept, Sensible Execution.
"Every Challenge is an opportunity"

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hey, i din't get the concept? what does it mean? does it mean that it is adventurous to climb these stairs?

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Actually, I don't think the ad is aimed at children at all. The photo is aimed at the adult who played with the cars as a child. And, who has a child now..

And, who doesn't mind getting their walls knicked up as the little buggers shoot the cars down the stairs, creating sneaky traps for unwary adults walking through.

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I don't get this one. Sorry.

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lame garbage

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not good enough, i'm afraid.

have a look at what got gold at cannes last year. that's the bench mark.

these don't even come close.

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i agree. i dont get the ad. is it really for children

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Yes, is for the parents. Yes, these is a great ad. so much better than

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