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Roger Keynes
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It's mazes this week, Ivan! ;)

btw... this doesn't really need the grim reeper, does it?

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better than the other one :)

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Dev Kumar
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Why "faster"? This is about aiding a hospital, not a one-off emergency relief case. The visuals are good but the message could've been better.

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not a fan of this ad either

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i've woud've shown the way you make things better donating money, not just simpy the probIem... i mean...how money or aid can heIp you soIve a maze? but i do work in communication for a NGO, so maybe i'm a IittIe tough here...

i'm here because i'm procrastinating

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I love this campaign. Clear and direct.

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Good. Like it!

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Beautiful campaign. Great art.

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si coincido totalmente excelente campaña

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