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No good.

"Talent is luck. The important thing in life is courage."

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Charlie Pratt
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I like these a lot. Very hopeful.


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Weird, I know it's for a good cause, but I don't get and thusly I don't like it.

'There are many ways to see a cancer. The best one is by looking at its cure.' What does that mean, I suppose there are many different cancers, but how is the best one looking at the cure? And what does the picture mean?

Is it lost in translation?

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Translation - only dog fleas will get cancer cells.

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Tiempo BBDO hizo algo similar con alka seltzer.

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Copy is lost in translation. The art-work is ambiguous.

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575 pencils


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looks good!!!! Congrats!!!

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Very Nice. good thinking. excellent execution.

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Nice. Consistent. Good job!

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Mr. Phill
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Hey Benjamin, the best way to see cancer is looking at its cure!!! Have you missed your english classes?

Really great idea!!!! Very well done.

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same concept as saatchi buenos aires, for germanhospital in argentina.

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Dog fleas multiplying on 8th floor. Fumigate!

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nicely executed but dont think the same for the copy's placement

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Hey Mr Phil, why is the best way to look at cancer by looking at it cure? It just isn't, the best way might be to look at the cause of cancer. It makes no sense.

If you've been to sooooo many English classes then please give me and the hundred other people that don't understand these ads a clear description of what the strap line and image means, cause I'm not the only one who skipped English apparently.

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very well thought out. good work!

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malaysian tomboy
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Fumigate the long line of dog fleas in manulife, now.

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