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Pretentious_and_Bitter's picture
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I don't understand these. Is anyone else having this problem?

sold's picture
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the background is a cancer cell in very very close...
i dont like it anyway

Luz Valdez's picture
Luz Valdez
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Problem for people who had miserable childhood, bitter and life passed him by.

benjaminbrown's picture
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And the cure to Cancer is to ride a really small bike past it? I wish my grandad had know this, I'd have ridden the bike.

Gorilla Lover's picture
Gorilla Lover
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f'n hilarious!

emailer's picture
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i dont understand the idea

Calibarak's picture
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I think it means - only dog fleas will get cancer cells.

rituls_2007's picture
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i think this is talking about the skin cancer.

supersupergirl's picture
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can someone please explain this? totally clueless as to what hey trying to say...

whynot's picture
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these are different cancer cells and the copy means, dat there are different types and hence diff ways of looking at them, tumor, stomach cancer and skin cancer. the best way to look at these is with a helpful eye. The idea is nice, execution could have been better.

supersupergirl's picture
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oh thanks.. but then the visual of the bike and the guy running is a bit confusing no?

soulviamusic's picture
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no concept, no meaning, yes art

udonotknowme1's picture
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Are those little firemen on the bike?

Stigset's picture
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what's up with the toys ? I don't get this either sorry

benjaminbrown's picture
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Nobody gets it, it's amazing!

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