Hospital Aleman: Horse

Kids see differently
Hospital Aleman
Kinder Plan

Advertising Agency: Del Campo/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Executive Creative Directors: Maxi Itzkoff, Mariano Serkin
Creative Director: Diego Medvedocky
Copywriter: Matias Eusebi
Art Director: Ammiel Fazzari
Account Supervisor: Paz Beccar Varela
Art Buyer: Koko Puch
Illustrator: Pablo Romanos
Photographer: Sisso Chouela
3D: Estilo 3D

July, 2010


talkingisfree's picture
2710 pencils

This campaign is just wonderful. Love the art.

pez's picture
1802 pencils

Last year campaign had the same layout and art style, but it was better (for me) because there were no humans... ... i found this very cold and impersonal for a hospital... and, by the way, i think they look like statues... and, exactly the same message won a Lion last year.... strange....

Libor Oubrecht's picture
Libor Oubrecht
309 pencils

yeah - that's the absolutely same idea, but in this case it makes a sense...

Guest's picture

why this choice of art? Like the idea though.

capywriter's picture
5509 pencils

Why this choice of art? I like the idea though.

Gjeli's picture
105 pencils

I can see only 2 sculptures of 2 dead heroes ;)
Anyway, idea is nice.

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the 3D art was made by WWW.ESTILO3D.COM
They have greats jobs!

gon_enelcamino's picture
838 pencils

My art director and I have a campaign for this product in our students portfolio, check it out:

pez's picture
1802 pencils

In my opinion, your work deserves a lion more than this one ;)

Guest's picture

I think the idea is that kids comprehend things in such a simple, black & white fashion, even when it comes to complex ideas like diseases and needs. For example if a child is hungry, all they know is that they want food, they don't understand specifics. And I think that is what they are trying to get across with this ad. Exhausting your resources to help a child should be black & white simple, it should not in any way be complicated.

dollypoppin's picture
1423 pencils

But this ad, still, is intended for adults, not the kids who see things as simple as black and white.

"Nihil sub sole novum"

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