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He looks just a tad too happy.

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arthur davies

simply delightful!
"Refresh your behind"
great copywriting and beautiful art direction!
the stage is set, the ladder, the rope, all these tiny minute details are what makes a great ad.
The ladder, the rope... It's obviously a stage of some sort.
Maybe they have just walked off stage?
maybe they are just about to go on to do a major scene?
either way his behind is clean enought to have his fellow actor's face nestled up against it without causing any un-necassary concern to his fellow actor's well being.
What's that scrapping noise?... could it be the distant sound of a over-sized yellow pencil being sharpened?
If I have anything to do with the judges board this year it will e an extra sharp pencil for these guys!

bravo!... bravo indeed!


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Producer Turned...

I love this you can see the designer has done nothing at all with the idea, it's all come from account managers and producers like me with our very valid oppinions. This is the future and the only way to make BANG ON BRAND advertising

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Are you trying to tell us that a manager or producer (who the hell is that anyway on a print ad?) has thought of this? Who? The managing director? I think I need a bucket...
Someone help...

Oh... almost forgot to say: Great ad, great execution by the CREATIVE TEAM of BBDO.

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Mtl Dave
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Funny and nice picture. The line is simply perfect.

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lol. Ok I'll give it up to you, Arthur Davies. Your comments alone are worth logging in for.

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agree. ;)

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Very nice. It may be even funnier if the horses ass was in position walking onto the stage. That way we can empathize with the ass not knowing if the head had used the product or not.

Nevertheless, very funny.

Brave client too.

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reminds me of tthe movie op secret with val kilmer

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I don't know about this... You don't need the expression of the guy to get the idea here. Something is not right.

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No fixed abode
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Agree. Cool idea but why the dumbass grin on the guy's face. Think it would have been cooler had it just been a costumed horse intact. We know there are 2 people in there so why labour the point with a big grin on that actor's face?

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MADE in the USA
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I get it.

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he's smiling cause he is refreshed. duh...

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It's crap. why do you people like this?