Hopi Hari Theme Park: Reality

Dad, when I grow up I wanna be in a reality show.
Kids don’t know right from wrong. Spend more time with yours.

Advertising Agency: QG Propaganda, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Director: Marcello Droopy
Art Directors: Camila Sayuri Miyamura
Copywriter: Americo Vizer
Illustrator: Camila Sayuri Miyamura
Photographer: Guto Nóbrega
Published: March 2008


NatalieM's picture
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I like the message, but I'm not so sure on the art direction. What was the motivation behind the Playdoh other than the fact that kids play with it?

Bárbara Guilherme's picture
Bárbara Guilherme
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You said everything! Kids play with Playdoh, but those kids in ad don't playing with it, instead they are watching reality shows and soap operas.

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The worst campaign i've ever seen in this website. Congratulations guys!

A life without Boatsplash is a life not worth living.

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yun siang orangutan's picture
yun siang orangutan
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Banana nah

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I like the line. The thought of my child saying that is deeply motivational, and I do not have a child. But when I do, I am going to make sure that never passes their lips.

I'm gonna have nightmares now about my kid being on the 34th season of Flavor of Love.

Anabel's picture
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very bad. go and redo it please-

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