Hopi Hari Theme Park / La Eiffel Drop Tower: Wallet

Feel the zero-gravity, dropping from a breath taking sky-high tower in just 3 seconds.

Advertising Agency: QG Propaganda, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Director: Marcello Droopy
Art Directors: Fernando Carreira
Copywriters: Americo Vizer, Adriana Machado
Photographers: Fernando Carreira
Published: March 2008


Silverinha's picture
65 pencils

That's the worst thing that can happen in an amusement park. I don't wanna ride this thing. Bad campaign.
And most of all, NO BOAT SPLASH!

Lip's picture
234 pencils

Nice execution.

Pedro Paes.

Guest commenter's picture
Guest commenter

basta de tantos ejemplos!!

Bárbara Guilherme's picture
Bárbara Guilherme
38 pencils

The ad is from Brazil. Look the brazilian money!

ricklongo's picture
1244 pencils

The first execution was good (soda cup). The rest make you not want to actually go on the ride. Lame.

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