Hopi Hari Theme Park: Become a man, 3

Become a man before your friends do.

Advertising Agency: Y&R, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Chief Creative Officer: Rui Branquinho
Executive Creative Director: Flavio Casarotti
Creative Director: Rui Branquinho, Flavio Casarotti
Art Director: Eiji Kozaka
Copywriter: Marcelo Conde
Illustrator: Zombie Studio
Photographer: Lucio Cunha

April, 2013


certaintly's picture
3994 pencils

hard to get.

looks like a teacher

kcd0226's picture
90 pencils

I agree. He also looks a bit creepy sitting there with all of the kids.

kleenex's picture
41102 pencils

I do not see creepy in this ad. I do see a stinky set of ads though.

Micah1221's picture
202 pencils

The humor is good, and I like the retro photo effect. The copy also stands out well.
Child-size clothes on the man would make the idea clearer, and tell a stronger story. The ad also has a weak call to action: parents will think i'ts ridiculous, and the appearence of the "man" will not appeal to kids

mcmulkinn's picture
82 pencils

bad insight. Going on a rollercoaster does not make you a man

Inkwell's picture
148 pencils

I agree. To me, 'becoming a man' usually means to have sex. In that context, these ads get a whole lot creepier.

Davy jones's picture
Davy jones
94 pencils

if this is a motorcyle maybe ok, but rollercoaster?? i dont think so.. nice retro style anyway..

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