Hope Arising / Dera Water Project: Pipeline

Water is necessary. Having to walk seven miles for it shouldn’t be. Every dollar donated brings our water pipeline closer to the people of Dera, Ethiopia. More importantly, it brings them hope that better days are on the horizon.

Advertising Agency: TunnelBravo, Mesa, USA
Art Directors: Stewart West, John Johnson

November 2009


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Roger Keynes
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Simplistic graphic idea.
Doesn't engage & perusade.
Sorry. Peace.

The Jobless Writer
Will Think for Salary

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too simple

ElCaza89's picture
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liked the idea but I don't think the execution its right, that copy couldn't be any smaller, and that pipe looks like a katana, haha so if that copy was bigger, or another text, would be ok

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would be better if the pipes, faucet, etc, were more representative. not photos.
better, but still not good.

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