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Good writing. 2/3 Art direction. The visual could be more inspirational.

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Jamie Roquai
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wow .. true, it was inspiring


impressive art n copy. reminds of x-games. 8/10

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I think a lot of people here get excited when they see more than 5 words in a row - 'wow, long copy, so emotional...'

This copy is okay, in fact it's quite good but it's not 'truly inspirational'.

Thse ads leave me feeling a little flat. Sorry.

As for the font choice...

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Ah hang-the-dj, you're a hard man.


The strategy is solid (even if it is piggybacking W&K's "Grrr" spot). I think the copy is great. The art-direction is nice. What ruins it for me is the row of quads down the bottom of the page, along with the call to action. It wants to be a beautiful brand campaign (and it is, to a point) but the bottom third of the page is straight out of a dealer's catalogue. It didn't leave me feeling flat, but it certainly didn't leave me pumped.

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This is some really awesome stuff, unexpected approach for a car manufacturer, and the really cool part is, the copy is wriiten so well you want to read it till end.Dont get alot ads like that.

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anakin acevedo
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Come on, nobody reads copy this long, not even copywriters!

Try harder, folks. Good ideas are out there, you just have to stake awake (I find that a little line of coke helps from time to time).

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The Welder

Boring copy, boring typeface. What does that fourth paragraph even mean?

Art direction looks all too familiar.

But who am I to judge? At least it's somewhat original...

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i believe that the spectacular visual draws the viewer to the ad closer, encouraging them to read the long and inspirational copy.

the use of seemingly negative words (failure, fear...) as headlines also make it uniquely interesting.

for those who find it text heavy, i think the visual does its work of making the brand and product stand out.

just my thoughts. :D


would love to have one of these posted in my studio. :)

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The art direction makes the vehicles wimpy, toyish. The people that ride Honda take a beating and love it, they love the fear. That's why they do it. Well, maybe not in the UK.


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