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Im a fan of blowouts. And these arent that bad. We have seen a lot of 'use original parts' ads here. And I personally think these are the best.

...and let the poets cry themselves to sleep. And all their tearfull words would turn back into steam

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Ivan's hit a patch of good form with the recent postings. Another fn great campaign!

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9.6/10 - really nice work, and jeaulosy cause i have a briefing this week for the same product, damn it!

is there life before death?

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dont you all remember a similer art for an ad showing the parts of the car? or is it just me??? few days back only....

| Everartz |

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i do but the idea was experts on each part of your car. but the layout is almost the same and also recall me the other campaing but definitely 2 diferent campaigns

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My name is Dick Huges and I approve this campaign. But wait in a lot of assemble campaigns for Cannes this year. I believe this is a new trend.

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Joseph Campbell
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When Honda builds a dinosaur, everyone will run screaming because you can't kill a Honda. Because it's not alive to begin with. But if Honda built a penguin... Now that would be interesting.

We'll reconvene at 10.


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