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Jet Propulsion Lab
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Reminiscent of Silverstein art-directed early Specialized bike campaign. Very eye-catching, economical and tight page design. A good story telling in the copy complements the art. Book-worthy work. But that's pretty much it.

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Ok, now I will probably get a lot of people all over me, but this is nothing to me.

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Well crafted mimicry of Russian Constructivist design. Not sure if it's appropriate for the client. (The style was used mostly for socialist propaganda) ; but maybe! What do you guys/gals think?

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Yawnsville, Tennessee.

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fa heik

the flow of information is quite nice and as said eye-catching! nice and neat!

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very similar art direction to the recent stella stuff that was on here, art direction.

Strip. Strip. Strip.

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good art. a good place for kids to learn how to good ads even wid loads of copy.

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Love this campaign's layout!

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