Honda Fit: Cavernous

Advertising Agency: RPA, Santa Monica, USA
Creative Directors: David Smith, Joe Baratelli, Pat Mendelson
Associate Creative Director/AD: Curt Johnson
Associate Creative Director/CW: Todd Carey
Photographer: Markku Lahdesmaki
Agency Senior Producer: Shelley Eisner
Published: October 2008


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sarah elhagry

can anybody tell me whats the message here, cuz i dont get it

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It relates to the car's space. I like it... its well done.


teenie's picture
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"The fit is go"?

"Nocturnal flyer"?



Radio ads here say you can get Fit without working out. Not brilliant, but at least it makes sense!

Toddy35's picture

I like this ad! I like the idea! I like the word 'Cavernous'! I don't like the overuse of exclamation marks!!!

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i've always loved all work you guys have done on the fit. keep it up.

Dtodd's picture

I like the ad! I like the idea! I like the word 'Cavernous'! I don't like the machine-gun-like-splattering of exclamation marks!!!

Guest commenter's picture
Guest commenter

Maybe it's so bad that nobody has driven it for years and bats have moved in?

Guest commenter's picture
Guest commenter

Me likey!

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i like the dark ambiance but the exclamation marks are useless within this amount. one mark would've be enough.

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missed my turn
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Hahah Cavernous!

Guest commenter's picture
Guest commenter

I think it's really bad.
How could you give the sensation that you could feel good in car where it's crowded of bats?
There a lot of better ways to say that there's a lot of space really don't want to make me buy this dark and moiste car....

GNZO's picture

i dont get it

JLawrence's picture

I can't believe no one has hit on the fact that this ad was published in October, as it is clearly halloween themed.

alfredo's picture
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I'd hate to clean that car afterwards...

pixelbomb1's picture
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that font is HOUSE GOTHIC! it does not FIT.

Arnold Santillan

postman's picture
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It feels so forced into the metaphora. I don't see any reason why this car should be called a "nocturnal flyer" - if not to keep up the metaphora.

ArHOR's picture

I think this model next BAT car.

Guest commenter's picture
Guest commenter

I think this messege is lots of bat in the cave, the cave is the bat's nest, all of bats can be in the Honda Fit.

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The New Honda Fit is a guano transporter.


Guest commenter's picture
Guest commenter

Terrible photoshoping. Where are the bats shadows????? And nothing to sell about the car...

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good point about the photoshopping. And Yes, it does sell the car's cavernous space.

teenie's picture
1894 pencils

Please, please, anyone: what in god's name does "The Fit is Go!" mean???

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180 pencils

been wondering about that my self, i thought Fit is a model or something but still the line didn't click
maybe its my english.

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and how many headlines do we have in this ..... ad?

| Everartz |

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I don't know if the bennefit of be a vampire was a take a ride or just appear on adsofthe world!

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I quite like the idea!
But I don't see how it relates to "The Fit is Go!"!
! [sic!]

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vp's picture

I like the concept idea, but I think the setting needs to be much darker, there is too much light in the clouds, darken it up a bit.

The English Boy's picture
The English Boy

Why is this even in Ads of the World???

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