Honda CR-Z: Two Dimensions Wouldn't Do It Justice

For the October issue, Maxim published its first-ever 3-D issue featuring a 3-D cover story, co-branded 3-D glasses, and a 3-D phantaglyph CR-Z print ad. Phantaglyph technology makes images more dimensional and realistic-looking. Instead of floating off the page, the CR-Z looks like it is sitting on the page. The print execution will drive traffic to a Honda 3-D online destination (

Advertising Agency: RPA, Santa Monica, CA USA
Chief Creative Officer: David Smith
Group Creative Director: Joe Baratelli
Creative Director/Art: Nathan Crow
Creative Director/Copy: Adam Lowrey
Senior Art Directors: Ron Berry, Bang Pham
Art Director: Can Kadioglu
Photographer: Uwe Breitkopf
Photographer (3-D): Joe Carlson
Digital artist: Nicola Kraemer


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They placed an ad in 3D. Good for them.

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I saw this ad in with the 3D glasses on, and it's terrible. The 3D isn't done right - the separations are sloppy, and it just looks blurry.


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Awesome! BRAVO to have dared it!

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It works if you see it in a right angle.

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Very Nice Concept.. :-)

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Just having some fun with the CR-Z 3D glasses...:


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