Honda: Arrive home before yourself

Arrive home before yourself. Honda CBR 1000 RR

Advertising Agency: Mccann Erickson,TLV, Israel
Executive Creative Director: Itai Galon
Creative Director: Irmi Nir
Art Director: Dana Moshkowitz
Copywriter: Tal Menkes
Photographer: Ilan Besor
Retouch: Yan Fedoroff
Published: December 2011


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I don't get it. Is it funny to find yourself in bed with your wife?

.. / .-.. --- ...- . / .- -.. ...- . .-. - .. ... .. -. --.

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Roger Keynes
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AND she looks pissed.

The Jobless Writer
Will Think for Salary

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Let's see - He is surprised both in bed and at the door, she is pissed, the evidence in the room looks like this was a tryst - and you are trying to sell me a powerful 1000 cc motorcycle for heavens sake ?! -
So you come to the conclusion: the creative team was probably horny, and the client didn't get any that day.
This is only an educated guess, other than that i can't explain why they chose this bad angle to sell such a beast.


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are you really in creative? I don't think so.

The concept here is "Faster than Thought"

i.e. With this fast bike, he reached and settled in his home before he even thought about it.


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thanks for the explanation. I personally, like a lot of ppl in here, couldn't see it that way. Maybe it needs your copy: "faster than thought", that works.

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tamer samy
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is it a 44 shoe size !

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too far fetched...

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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The copy does not work with the ad at all.

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Ed Rapport
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Where's The BENEFIT? What's The of selling sex?

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For a motorcycle sure.

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This may just be one of the poorest and most ham-handed ideas ever executed.

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Which is poor? This idea or your eyesight?

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Damn. Never criticize an idea without fully understanding it.

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If it's not easy to understand, then one sure can criticize it, I say.

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Brilliant Insight !The guy never realised when he reached home.

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clearsky, i really like the way u supported the ad... its really a cool insight... and one needs brain to understand... the morons get pleasure talking crap... good work team...

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this ad blows

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Nike Diesel
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Cheap shot on sex again, but the line is funny.
IMO they all should've been surprised. And it shouldn't be about sex.
Should have dug deeper on the insight because the concept is good.

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It's supposed to be cheeky. It says, 'We make really fast bikes, like so fast you'll arrive home before yourself.' It works and is funny because it uses situational humor in a situation that could never actually happen. It's obviously not making a connection to sex, don't take it too litterally and you'll do fine.Made me laugh. Might work better though if everyone had a confused look. Maybe the guy at the door looking at the girl, girl looking at both of them, and guy in the middle looking bewilderingly into space. Just my 2cents.

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Thx Cpt Obvious =)

I think everyone gets the idea (probably because the explanation is part of the copy).

However, as you already pointed out, the picture itself is a bit weird and refers to cheating (which inevitably leads to the sex connection) rather than to that "WTF? oh, wait, i see what you did there. lulz" moment.

who cares? ima play some tunes instead

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Ha, yeah, I completely agree, pretty obvious. Just helping our fellow ads of the worlder's out. A few of the early comments didn't seem to completely grasp the concept. My bad.

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amazing and blows

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The copy could be better.

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i still liked it...its nice. its got that feel... in a different way... daja vu types


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nice , copy could be better.

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