Honda Acura ZDX: Curiosity Kills Complacency

Introducing the Acura ZDX four-door coupe concept. Introducing Next.
Acura Advance

Advertising Agency: rp&, Santa Monica, CA, USA
Creative Director: John Hage
Head of Art: Phillip Squier
EVP, CCO: David Smith
Executive Producer: Jack Epsteen


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i don't like this campaign...boring

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nothing great... so so...

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The TV spot was so sublime, but the rest of it is all over the place. In a bad way. The "?" to "!" might be a bigger idea than just one spot, but this campaign isn't it.


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Why car ads look all the same?

Simple ideas are the best !

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ek kanya
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the car design is copied from BMW X6

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I think it's a common ad with a common message. Not so great in my opinion.

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