Homeless Penguin

You can help. Stop global warming.
Animals around the world are losing their habitats due to climate change. By recycling glass, plastic, cardboard and paper, you can help prevent this. Take action right now. www.wwf.fi

Advertising Agency: EuroRSCG, Helsinki, Finland
Creative Director: Marcelo Coutinho
Art Director: Luiz Risi
Copywriter: Leena Yliportimo

May 2007


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I must be missing something but why are penguins from antarctic freezing because of global warming?

Aruch's picture
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They are not freezing because of global warming, but they wll be homeless because of the global warming effect. ( The scene in the ad is the place where homeless people live.)

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I got that, but it still disturbs me that they lit a fire which will keep them warm. The polar bear one works better for me.

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bright rhino
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Ha ha ha...that little kid penguin is funny looking. The tonality of these ads is a little on the funny/goofy side for the message to be taken seriously. Especially when you read the copy line. It's written quite serious, which juxaposes the visual in a bad way.

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Hong Kong have an identical campaign for Environmental Polution, homeless Fish, Tiger & can't rem the last one..

fernando lucas's picture
fernando lucas
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in Portugal have an indentical too, international winner and realy old.

DarkSide's picture
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Pinguins trying to warm themselves? And the cause is the global warming? Somethings wrong here...

Sally's picture
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Super! Really nice ad, touchy story. And for me it's why the fire suits the pic perfectlly. Homeless peguins, great!

Christina's picture
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All these homeless animal ads are really great! Dosen't have to be an Einstain to understand why the pinguins are where they are. The little pinguin is sweet, heh.

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dear god, too forced idea. simple, 1rst idea, student work, ect.

Also the barrel with fire, confuses. The pinguin in the city should be hot, not cold, even more with catastrofic global warming.

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well, maybe we should blame it to the wrong perception on penguin, as people always relate them with cold climax though only few species of them live in Antarctica. too bad i don't like the ad either... :P

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hiya... jst a quick word.. am analysis this ad for a project and seriouly the fire is not to keep them warm... not in my opinion anyway...

They are looking towards the fire and the bins... a bleak reality that awaits them..

The fire is in a barrel with plastic and everything being burnt... ever heard of emission of toxic waste due to incomplete burning?? That gets stuck in the atmosphere... pollutants and glabal warming...

Buts its great to have different perceptions...


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photoshop ha ha ha

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Photoshopped or not, you have to admit the picture is really good. It got my attention so I am sure others might give it a second glance too, perhaps they might even try to make a change, we all know we are responsible for the global warming and the homeless penguins image makes a great job from showing us what the future of this species will look like if we don't do something to prevent it.

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